LESS in action. Proven in the real world.

We currently have two working TRL5 prototypes. The first one is a compressor and the second is a 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, gasoline-powered ICE. Our prototype already proves LESS’ size benefit with a 50% reduction in volume and a 60% reduction in weight vs a conventional engine of roughly comparable power output. We are also building a prototype of a pump for high-pressure applications (such as deep wells) using our mechanism.

Compressor Prototype

On the right you can see one of the first tests of the LESS mechanism used as a compressor.

Unfortunately, due to NDAs we cannot publicly share any details about our compressor designs. If you are interested in information about our compressor designs, please contact us directly.

Pump Prototype

Unfortunately, we cannot publicly share any details about our pump prototypes at this moment, other than that it’s a high-pressure piston pump that is aimed at Deep Well installations up to 300 meters below the surface. If you are interested in information about our pump design, please contact us.

Internal Combustion Engine Prototype

Our first TRL5 prototype is a 2-cylinder (216cc each), 4-stroke, gasoline ICE and was built to be the same size as a general-purpose engine we had available.

Click here to launch a fully interactive 3D view of our 1st Engine Prototype that allows you to view each component directly, and how the engine operates.

Note: This version was built as a proof of concept, and not to showcase the improvements of our mechanism compared to traditional crankshaft engines. It was based on a 70s design of an industrial motor, and our focus was on ease of manufacture, testing, and experimentation.
As such, it should not be seen as a showcase of our design, or as a properly designed ICE for production.

Below you can see our prototype (left) compared to a single-cylinder general-purpose industrial engine:

Last but not least, below, you can find a video of the engine in use:

LESS Engine V2

Thanks to a €500K grant by the Greek government, we are currently in the process of building a second, TRL6 prototype of an Internal Combustion Engine, using all the knowledge & data we have acquired from the first prototype, and designed to be more production-ready.

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